You may already know, I’m currently involved with a number of strategic projects in various businesses that are part of my grand vision of growth and contribution.

One of the things that I enjoy doing immensely for not only the internal fulfillment but also the massive reach of contribution, are my YouTube videos.

My primary businesses are in the realms of optimization, management consulting and joint ventures. I invest nearly all of my time working with businesses, mostly internet based already doing mid 6 figures to 7 figures who are looking to grow even further by increasing profits, reducing expenses and tapping into new markets by leveraging my over 18 years of concrete experience.

Since my videos are growing in popularity, I receive more inquires to provide one hour coaching or consulting services. I don’t normally do things that way because if I decide to work with someone, what I’m really looking for is a long term relationship. I have no interest in charging a flat fee to coach/consult/strategize and then walk out the door.

What I’m interested in is meaningful long term growth relationships because I recognize that by investing in the right entrepreneurs, I not only expand my own level of awareness but can make a bigger contribution towards their growth and the marketplaces that they serve.

From a financial perspective this also tends to be far more mutually profitable over the long term. These are currently the kinds of arrangements that I have with my existing clients. My goal is to continue working with this model because it helps me gain more valuable insights that I’m able to share with you in my deeply reflected upon YouTube videos while enriching the lives and businesses of my private clients.

So at the end of the day, I don’t really have a desire to perform one-off consulting and/or coaching services. However, I do recognize that a lot of you can benefit from partaking in an arrangement like this because of my practical experience in business, corporate, entrepreneurship, persuasion, dealing and/or all of the other areas that I cover on my channel. As you already know, I never make videos unless I feel that I have pragmatic experience in what I’m talking about.

So I’d like to do things a little differently only becasue I believe it will serve you better…

If you’re game, my one hour Skype consultation rate is $300.

And… If we discover on that session that we’re both a mutually beneficial match and are also excited about the opportunity of a long term relationship, I’ll be happy to credit the amount forward into a longer term arrangement and invest in you further by adjusting my rate on ongoing arrangements.

Alternatively, If you’re interested in booking an in-person meeting with either yourself or team included, my full day rate is $2000 with the assumption that you’ll also cover my overhead (airfare, hotel, food etc.) Again, the fee can be applied forward to a long term relationship based on mutual compatibility.

If you’re stimulated by this kind of arrangement and you’d like to explore this further, fill out the form bellow and I’ll be in touch.


Joseph Rodrigues