I was asked a handful of thought provoking questions by my client Roy Furr and I though it’d be great to turn it into an “About Me” section…

What was Joseph’s life like growing up?

I grew up shy with low self-esteem but I was always good hearted and felt I could see the patterns on how to get something I wanted yet did not have the confidence a lot of times to actually follow through with it. When I did however, I’d always figure out a way to make it happen.

What set you on your current path?

I hated that my family did not have money and I never wanted to be broke when I was older.

What obstacles did you have to overcome that shaped your approach to life and made you stronger?

Constant rejections, racism, and low self-esteem mentality.

What are those 1, 2, 3 defining moments that have made you who you are today?

My parents bought a computer when I was kid to do my homework on. Instead I installed games on it. They got angry and got an IT guy to put a password on it. I was determined, so I spent many days trying to hack it from different angles until I finally did! They gave up becasue they knew I’d figure it out no matter what and that started my obsession with learning how computers worked which later turned into an obsession on how to make money with them.

My parents thought I was just playing around with computers but I was learning them in and out kinda like a puzzle. I’d pay little attention in school. All I’d think about when I was in school was solving problems on my computer when I got home.

It payed off later when I dropped out of high school to become further lost in the puzzle of my computer… At the age of 20 I was offered a job in corporate becasue the IT manager in the company was very impressed on how much I knew. That kicked off the the long hours in my 20s solving computer/network problems and feeling like I was the luckiest guy ever because I was getting paid well to fix computers all day 🙂

At the corporate office, there was a company next door that leased office space and they had two Lamborghinis. A yellow one and a black one. I walked up to one of the guys and asked them what they did. He told me they owned exporttrader.com. I realized then that I wanted to go back to entrepreneurship becasue corporate was only going to get me so far. They liked me and offered me a job as a DBA to start but I declined becasue I was scared to leave my comfort zone.

I realized that I needed to work on my confidence. It took me a few years to do so but eventually I left corporate to go back to my entrepreneurial ways…